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Lithium ion battery frame and cage

Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are made of many individual battery cells grouped together in modules. The modules are enclosed in a structure to provide support, stiffness, electrical insulation and chemical resistance to the entire module structure. These can be comprised of metallic or polymeric materials. Polymeric structures are preferred because of their light weight. Some mounts, depending on design, are attached to the battery cage via adhesives or bolted on. Given its exceptional temperature resistance, battery frames made with Vydyne® glass-filled PA66 provide support to the Li-ion cells over a wide range of temperatures (–30°C to 85°C). PA66 strength, stiffness and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures are critical to performance. Furthermore, its electrical insulating and chemical resistance properties help ensure batteries continue to operate safely over their lifespan.

Polyamide 66 vs. next-best resins

PA66 offers the best balance of performance and overall system cost. Our white paper compares nylon 6,6 to the next-best resins — and shows why it comes out on top.

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