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Vydyne® R413H

Vydyne® R413H is general-purpose, heat-stabilized, impact-modified, 15% glass-fiber reinforced PA66 resin. Available in natural and black, It is specifically designed to maximize toughness, while retaining physical properties. This product is also lubricated for improved flow and offers superior surface appearance.

Glass-fiber reinforced Vydyne resins provide higher heat distortion temperature, resistance to creep and better dimensional stability when compared with unreinforced PA66. These products have good chemical resistance to a broad range of chemicals including gasoline, hydraulic fluids and most solvents.

Application End Uses

  • Automotive clips, fasteners, brackets and carbon canisters.
  • Electrical connectors, housings and bobbins.
  • Industrial gears, bearing shells, covers and housings.


Name Properties Download
Vydyne® R413H BK07 Black Technical Data Sheet
Vydyne® R413H NT Natural Technical Data Sheet

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