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Vydyne® R530HR

Vydyne R530HR is specifically formulated to give superior hydrolysis resistance for demanding automotive cooling system components. This product has demonstrated more than twice the tensile strength and elongation retention of standard 30% glass-fiber reinforced PA66 after 3,500 hours of aging in automotive coolant at 120° C. Vydyne R530HR demonstrates similar property retention benefits at 130° C for 1,000 hours of coolant aging as well.


  • Antifreeze resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Fatigue resistant
  • Gasoline resistant
  • Heat stabilized
  • High flow
  • Lubricated
  • Solvent resistant

Product applications

  • Radiator end tanks
  • Charge air cooler
  • Engine cooling inlet
  • Turbo air ducts
  • Cooling system for batteries
  • Coolant tube


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Vydyne® R530HR BK652 Black Technical Data Sheet

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