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Vydyne® R543H

The Vydyne R543H series are injection molding grade resins that are lubricated for machine feed, flow, and mold release. Vydyne R543 series resins are members of a glass reinforced family supplied by Ascend Performance Materials, which also includes 13% and 33% glass fiber loadings. These resins provide a range of cost performance products in which tensile strength is increased with the increasing glass fiber loadings.

Glass reinforced Vydyne resins provide a higher heat distortion temperature, better resistance to creep, higher impact and better dimensional stability when compared with unreinforced nylon 6,6. These products have good chemical resistance to a broad range of chemicals, including many aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons found in most solvents, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, greases and machine oils.

Vydyne R543 series resins have tensile strength and modulus properties just below aluminum and zinc and can replace these metals in numerous applications due to an excellent balance of properties. Reduction in production costs, energy consumption and part weight are key advantages of Vydyne glass reinforced nylon 6,6 resins over aluminum and/ or zinc die-cast parts.

Vydyne R543H series resins are heat stabilized resins formulated to minimize the oxidative and thermal degradation of the nylon polymer when exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Vydyne R543H resins provide improved retention of physical properties under exposure to long-term heat. The continuous operating use temperature is 275°F, with short-term peak temperatures as high as 475°F.


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Vydyne ® R543H BK02 Technical Data Sheet
Vydyne ® R543H Natural Technical Data Sheet
Vydyne ® R543H NT Technical Data Sheet

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