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Vydyne® XHT series

Ascend’s Vydyne® XHT is the clear choice for high temperature endurance. Vydyne XHT combines unique polymer chemistries with proprietary heat stabilization technology to provide a broad window of long-term high temperature performance up to 230C. Because it’s a Vydyne product, XHT offers exceptional processability, durability and mechanical properties.

  • Broad operating window: 180C to 230C
  • Excellent flow for processing
  • High temperature chemical resistance
  • Excellent fatigue endurance
  • Regrindable and recyclable
  • Reliable extreme heat-aging performance
  • Excellent surface appearance
  • High weld strength for intricate and integrated parts
  • Critical dimensional stability for fluid-handling parts



Name Properties Download
Vydyne R535XHT
Vydyne R735XHT

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