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Vydyne® R220

Vydyne® R220 is a 40% mineral reinforced nylon 6,6 resin formulated for improved impact strength. It is an injection molding grade formulated to retain the inherent processing advantages of unreinforced PA66 while enhancing rigidity, strength, and heat resistance. Vydyne® R220 maintains the chemical resistance typical of nylon to a wide variety of chemicals, gasoline, oils, greases, and solvents.

Vydyne® R220 resins utilize a unique mineral reinforced nylon system developed by Ascend Performance Materials to satisfy the market need for a high-rigidity thermoplastic as an alternative to certain metals. This mineral system provides two key features:

(1) isotropic behavior — property development in molded parts is usually independent of flow direction.

(2) a reduction in the tendency to develop sink marks in heavy cross sections such as molded-in bosses and ribs.

While not sink free, parts made from Vydyne® R220 can often permit boss and rib design or wall cross section changes that would not be tolerable in other unreinforced thermoplastic materials. Thus Vydyne® R220 resins offer more uniform molded part strength and performance as well as wider latitude in part design.

Vydyne® R220 resins are the workhorses for Ascend Performance Materials full line of mineral reinforced nylon resins, providing the best overall balance of properties. Vydyne® R220 is heat stabilized and designed to provide increased ductility and reduced melt viscosity vs. unreinforced materials.This ductility improvement results in tougher, more impact resistant molded parts. The reduction in melt viscosity enhances overall ease of injection molding, resulting in minor reductions in tensile strength, modulus, and heat distortion temperature. Parts from Vydyne® R220 have successfully withstood paint bake oven cycles without significant loss of either dimensional stability or part properties.


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